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Appealing Grades

EDU 100 Community Service Learning

Transfer from Course-based to Thesis-based Master's

Deadlines for students who started graduate program prior to January 1, 2017:

Deadlines for students who started graduate program on or after January 1, 2017:

Guidelines to Course-based Capping Exercise

Guidelines for a Paper-Based Thesis

Forms for Students

Financial Aid

Alberta Student Aid

Research Ethics

​For information on what is required to obtain ethics approval for your research, please access the following link which provides information concerning the Research Ethics Office and the Cooperative Activities Program (CAP).

Research Ethics


Living in Edmonton has information on accommodations, finances, transportation, etc. while pursuing your studies here at the University of Alberta.

Cost of Living: A review of approximate expenses while living in Edmonton, Alberta during your academic studies at the University of Alberta. Please note, these expenses may change every year while in living in Edmonton.

Other Resources

Faculty and Staff Resources

The Instructor's Handbook is a valuable resource for all instructors teaching courses in our department. As well as the following Appendices:

New Handbook To Come!

FGSR Reviewer's Portal :

Graduate Supervision, Candidacy and Final Orals

For Masters & Doctoral:

Doctoral Candidacy

Doctoral Final Oral

Guidelines for a Paper-Based Thesis

Forms for staff



There are a limited number of offices available for students. Priority is given to students who are in receipt of a GTA/GRA or are in fulltime residence.

Requests to Karen Kutyn (Administrative Assistant) for Office & Mailbox


Graduate students can request a mailbox which they may find useful to receive assignments or off campus mail. Please see Karen Kutyn (Administrative Assistant) for requests.


Grad Students 7-167

Academic and Support Staff - Please see Karen Kutyn (Administrative Assistant) in 7-104, General Office

Computer Access

Note: For training, call IST (help Desk Phone: 492-9400) or visit their web site at


Available during office hours. See FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section for policy and printing costs.

Note: The CNS computer labs also are accessible for all students for computer use and printing.

Resource Centre

For use by EPS grad students ONLY for access to: bound copies of theses, printers, Mac and PC computers with MS Office, ATLAS, Adobe Acrobat, Internet & Telnet.

Hours: Fall & Winter 8:00-4:00pm, Spring & Summer 8:00-4:00 Rm. 7-129 Phone: 492-1147

Telephone Access

Note: Some phone locals are shared extensions; please be considerate of other users. You should dial 492 in front of any four-digit extension number from off campus.


Available to Faculty during office hours. PIN number required. Rm. 7-154.

For Photocopy quota & PIN number, please see Karen Kutyn (Administrative Assistant) in General Office (7-104).

McCallum Printing and Duplicating

Rm. B105 Education South, Ext: 3754

Instructional Resource Services

Audio-visual equipment rentals (overheads, videos, tape recorders, transcribing), scanner, colour printer, binding, transparencies etc. Please call IST Service Desk at 780-492-9400 or by email at

Lunch Rooms

    • 7-154, Main floor (centre), 4th floor Education North
    • Resource Centre (Mac) Rm. 7-129, Phone: 492-1147
    • Graduate Lab 3-106
    • Public Microcomputer Lab 1-155
    • LaserJet 4000TN, (After-hours access key available to graduate students, please see Karen Kutyn (Administrative Assistant))
    • Graduate Suite - Rm. 7-130, Ext: 2-1391
    • Graduate Suite & Open Area - Rm. 7-167J/167P, Ext: 4913
    • In EPS Department: 7-108, 7-130, 7-146
    • In Faculty of Education: 4th floor Ed.N., Main floor (centre), 10th floor Ed.S.

Facilities and Resources FAQ

Q: Will I get an office?

A: Any EPS graduate student may apply for an office. However, we are unable to provide such space to all people who are eligible. Priority is given to students who are teaching and/or who are full-time students in residence. An application form will be sent to students by both regular post and e-mail notification late April or early May. Forms are also available all year long from the Forms section on our web site. All students who wish to have office space, including those who wish to renew a currently occupied space, are required to apply before the deadline of May 31st, in order to be considered. We will, however, try to accommodate requests received after that date. For further information, please see Karen Kutyn (Administrative Assistant, 7-104 Education North).

Q: Where should I look for important department communications?

A: NOTE: Accessing this information on a regular basis is the responsibility of the student. The department sends a number of important communications regarding office space, mailboxes, critical deadlines, meeting dates, funding, scholarship announcements, etc., via E-mail using our ListServ EPS-grads-info. These and other notices are posted on bulletin boards as follows:

  • University talks and events: Board 1, 7th floor Ed.N., opposite elevators
  • Course and program information: Board 2, 7th floor Ed.N., opposite elevators
  • Department events: Board 3, 7th floor Ed.N., opposite elevators
  • Graduate student information: (including GSA, EPSGSA, FGSR Focus) Board 4, 7-167 Ed.N., suite entrance
  • Jobs and conferences: Board 5, 7-167P Ed.N., student mail room.
  • In the future, also look for department news on the web site: News and Events.

Q: What academic paper format and style are expected in this department?

A: Instructors may stipulate different requirements. A number of manuals for preparation of papers are available in the University Bookstore. An example is the publication "Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association" or APA Manual. FGSR has a Thesis Handbook that students are expected to review online and conform to these standards for projects and theses. Please note that the University has policies supporting the use of inclusive language.

Q: What is "intellectual property" and, as a graduate student, what do I need to know about it?

A: Please take a moment to access the Intellectual Property Guidelines to find out what the University identifies as intellectual property, and your related rights and responsibilities as a graduate student.

Q: There are only a limited number of telephones available for student use - who answers them and how does someone leave a telephone message for me?

A: Many of the department telephones are shared extensions; please be considerate of other students' needs. See a list of available telephones for common use under "Resources, Facilities." Please direct your callers to use these numbers, the General Office does not have a messaging system. We suggest that the student representatives to Department Council, as one of their early duties after election to office, take the initiative in working out with the students in various suites and offices an appropriate set of procedures for answering the telephone and taking messages. We strongly encourage the use of email as a medium of communication.

Q: How can I forward e-mail messages from my "gpu" address to my own email address?

A: If you have an e-mail address other than your student gpu account (such as via Hotmail, Yahoo, work account, etc.), it is easy to have your e-mail automatically forwarded from your gpu account to your other account. Just follow the step-by-step instructions on the Information Services and Technology website or call the IST Help Desk at 492-9400 for assistance.

Q: Is my gpu e-mail discontinued if I am not actively registered in courses?

A: CNS normally discontinues any gpu email accounts after the expiry of your last registration, usually within less than 30 days. If you are working in an administrative capacity for this department during a term in which you are not actively registered, contact Stu White, APO, for options.

Q: What are the General Office hours?

A: Fall/Winter (Sept.1-May 31): 8:00-12:00 and 1:00-4:00, Monday through Friday

Spring/Summer (Jun.1-Aug.31): 8:00-12:00 and 1:00-4:00, Monday through Friday

Q: What are the Education Building hours?

A: Monday through Friday 7:00am - 11:00pm Saturday & Sunday 7:00am - 6:00pm Statutory Holidays CLOSED Notices of changes in building hours are sent via the "edgrad" listserv.

Q: Does the department provide office supplies?

A: No. Office supplies can be purchased at the UofA Bookstore located in the Students' Union Building (SUB).

Q: If I need administrative services, how can I obtain them?

A: Department and Faculty notice boards often post notices of people offering administrative services. As a service to students, when the Department becomes aware of administrators who are interested in typing papers and theses, their names will be placed on the notice board. For transcription services, also inquire at the Instructional Resource Services in the Division of Technology in Education (in the basement of the Education Building).

Q: Are students given the opportunity to become involved in departmental planning and decision-making?

A: Yes. Key Department Committees have student membership. Information will be provided at the Graduate Student Orientation and via listserv email announcements (see Index). Student representatives and related notices can be found on the "Graduate Student Information" bulletin board (7-167 Ed.N.).